About Us

About the Class

The 20 students in Don Fulsom’s Watergate: Constitutional Crisis course at American University this fall were offered a unique look at the subject matter thanks to the timely release of Nixon’s grand jury records. Instead of a traditional final exam or research paper, the students and professor agreed that the students would work together to conduct an in-depth review of the testimony. In addition to learning about Watergate from the points of view of the press, the administration, etc., we were able to read Nixon’s own words as he was questioned about his crimes. We constructed this web site to share our findings with the public. As developments arise, students in future sections of the course (now offered every fall) will update the report and the site.

We would like to extend special thanks to Professor Fulsom as well as to our guest lecturers including Stanley Kutler, Muriel Dobbin, Bud Krogh, Luke Nichter, Bill McCloskey, Wes Pippert and Burt Wides, many of whom are featured in the commentary section.

About the Professor

Professor Fulsom was a United Press International Washington bureau chief for seven years, and served as a White House correspondent during the Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton presidencies. He has recently authored a book entitled Nixon’s Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of America’s Most Troubled President, scheduled for release in January of 2012.

Contact Information

Avi McClelland (Project Lead and media contact): a.mcclellandcohen@gmail.com

Professor Don Fulsom: Donf44@gmail.com

Roger Deming (website designer): sgtdeming@gmail.com

Student Participants

Students of Watergate: Constitutional Crisis (Fall 2011):

Avi McClelland is a senior in AU’s School of Public Affairs studying Political Science. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in communication. Avi served as the manager and coordinator for this project.

Samantha Cohen is a student in the School of Public Affairs in the Department of Government. After graduating this December she is moving to New York to begin her position as Catering Manager at Georgetown Cupcake opening in SoHo. She has long-term plans to go to law school and pursue a career in politics.

Roger Deming is a senior in AU’s School of Public Affairs, pursuing a degree in Political Science. Next year, he plans on attending law school.

Anthony Dunham is a Senior at American University who aspires to be a Supreme Court justice. He plans to pursue a law degree in DC.

Palak Gosar is a Junior in the School of Public Affairs. After graduation, he intends to go to move back to his native Texas and go to Law School.

Sami Green is a senior in the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program at American University. She is currently studying Political Science and Interdisciplinary studies in Communications, Economics, Legal Studies and Government, and hopes to pursue campaign work upon graduation in the spring.

Katie Kawalchuk is a senior at American, who plans on becoming a criminal defense attorney.

Emily Knight is a senior at AU’s School of Public Affairs pursing a degree in Political Science

Evan Kost is a second-year graduate student at AU’s School Public Affairs, where he is pursuing a degree in Applied Politics. Following graduation, he hopes to continue his career in campaign finance and development.

Greg Martin is a senior in the School of Public Affairs majoring in political science. Originally from Maryland, he hopes to stay in DC and work in politics after graduation this spring.

Julianne Martin is a senior at AU’s School of Public Affairs who wants to fight for civil rights in Chicago. She is planning on attending a law school in the next year and a half.

Tim McBride is a junior at American University majoring in Political Science.  Tim is active in several on campus clubs, including Student Government and College Democrats.  A native of the Great State of Delaware, Tim plans on returning to the “First State” after graduation to get his law degree. Tim is also a brother in Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

Also Participating:

John Ackerman
Joel Antwi
Glendon King
Samuel Kohn
Elizabeth Richards
Sam Robison
Kevin Sutherland.

Additional Credits:

Jesse Medalia-Strauss is a freelance videographer, video editor, photographer, writer, journalist, blogger, web content and multimedia producer who helped the class produce this site. He is currently a Film and Media major at American University. More information is available at jessemedaliastrauss.com.


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