Nixon vs. The Truth

The Claim: LBJ bugged Nixon’s campaign plane in 1968

“The F.B.I. was at one point directed (by President Lyndon Johnson) to bug my plane.” FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover “once told me that they did.”

The Real Story: Nixon was not bugged.

Nixon authority John Hughes of the Miller Center writes: “After the election, Director J. Edgar Hoover told Nixon that Johnson had ordered the FBI not only to wiretap (Nixon operative Anna) Chennault, but also to bug the Republican candidate’s plane. Hoover was, as his deputy, Cartha “Deke” DeLoach, later wrote, ‘embellishing.’ The FBI never did bug Nixon’s plane.”



Below is a collection of various statements by Richard Nixon during his Grand Jury testimony that highlight notable aspects of his character.  His colorful and often abrasive personality allowed him to lay praise in one sentence and insult in the next.

  • “I want the grand jurors to understand that when I say I don’t recognize something, it isn’t because I am trying to duck a question.”
  •  “I never recall any income tax return; I never recall seeing any result of any of this done.”
  • President Kennedy and his aides “were pretty smart, I guess.  Rather than using a group of amateur Watergate bugglers, burglars — well they were bunglers — they used the F.B.I., used the I.R.S. and used it directly by their own orders against, in one instance, a man who had been vice president of the United States, running for governor.”
  • Watergate supervisor G. Gordon Liddy was “a very bright young man in one way, very stupid in others.”
  •  “I said to [Al Haig], ‘Let’s find out how this damn thing [the 18.5-minute gap in a key Watergate tape] happened.’  I am sorry.  I wasn’t supposed to use profanity. You have enough on the (Watergate) tapes.”
  • “You (prosecutors) can play that trick all, all day. We can take all day on that.  Ask the question properly.”
  •  “I am not unaware that the vast majority of people working in the special prosecutor’s office did not support me for president.”
  • “The Special Prosecutor’s office is only interested in the IRS harassment activities insofar as it deals with Mr. O’Brien? It is not interested in any harassment that the IRS may have done or is doing or has done with regard to, say, me, my friends, or anything like that?”
  •  “I want the jury and the special prosecutors to kick the hell out of us for wiretapping and for the Plumbers and the rest, because obviously, you may have concluded it is wrong.”